why is my hash being weird??

Steven D'Aprano steve at REMOVETHIScyber.com.au
Sat Jan 21 04:17:45 CET 2006

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:59:11 -0800, pycraze wrote:

> Surely adopting the above method is much better than what i have
> approached earlier . The main reason i did adopt this exercise was when
> i have to marshal a 20 - 40 MB above test.py file to the disk , the
> simple load of the test.py will sky rocket my virtual memory
> consumption.

Why do you have to marshal a 20MB test.py file? That's just crazy. 

The entire standard Python language, object files and source files
combined, is about 90MB. There are 185 *.py modules just in the top level
of the directory, that's less than half a megabyte per module (and in
reality, much less than that).

If your source file is more than 100K in size, you really should be
breaking it into separate modules. If any one function is more than one
page when printed out, you probably should be splitting it into two or
more functions.


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