Rss/xml namespaces sgmllib, sax, minidom

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Mon Jan 2 01:26:27 EST 2006

Sakcee wrote:
> I want to build a simple validator for rss2 feeds, that checks basic
> structure and reports channels , items , and their attributes etc.
> I have been reading Mark Pilgrims articles on, diveintopython
> and someother stuff on sgmllib, sax.handlers and content handlers,
> xml.dom.minidom
> why is all of this necessary, what is the difference between all these
> libraries, it seems to me that I can parse the rss2 feed with any of
> these libraries.!! ?
> what is the difference between namespaces and non-namspaces functions
> in sax.handlers.contenthandler , is the namespace defined like domain
> names on some website?

Based on this question, I tend to think you might want to leave the XML
processing to someone else's code.  How about using Pilgrim's

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