How login & download file from remote web site? Passwords a problem?

Steve Holden steve at
Tue Jan 10 01:43:58 CET 2006

seberino at wrote:
> Gene
> Thanks for links but I'm not sure what to do with them!  The links were
> about testing
> frameworks.  I just want to write a script to grab stuff from a remote
> site (kinda like automatic ftp).
> Perhaps those tests you were referring to have code to do what I'm
> looking for?\
I think the implication was that you'd need to do the appropriate 
research to answer the question. However, if you want your software to 
log into a web site on the user's behalf I don't really see that you 
have much alternative than to ask them for the required information.

If you suspect they'll sue you for abuse of the data they enter, go find 
another set of users ;-)

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