dynamic class instantiation

Ognen Duzlevski maketo at ukato.freeshell.org
Mon Jan 30 15:11:23 EST 2006

Hi, I have a "language definition" file, something along the lines of:

page ::
	name : simple
	caption : simple
	function : complex

function ::
	name : simple
	code : simple

component ::
	name : simple
	type : simple
	dataset : complex

On the other hand as input I have .xml files of the type:

	<caption>Browser Visible Caption</caption>
			<code>select countries 
			from blah into $dropdownlist</code>

I have a parser that will go through the language definition 
file and produce the following as a separate .py file:

class page(object):
	def __init__():
		self.name = None
		self.caption = None
		self.functions = []

class function(object):
	def __init__():
		self.name = None
		self.code = None

Now I want to use something like xml.dom.minidom to "parse" the 
.xml file into a set of classes defined according to the "language 
definition" file. The parse() method from the xml.dom.minidom 
package will return a document instance and I can get the node 
name from it. Say I got "page" as a string. How do I go about 
instantiating a class from this piece of information? To make it 
more obvious how do I create the page() class based on the "page" 
string I have? I want to make this generic so for me the language 
definition file will contain pages, functions, datasets etc. but 
for someone else mileage will vary.


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