"Dynamic" website content

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Sat Jan 21 21:46:14 CET 2006

sophie_newbie schrieb:
> To give you a better explaination of what I want, you could visit
> www.pat2pdf.org.
> Type in 123456 as the patent number, you see what it does? It tells the
> user that it is requesting the various TIFF images and then displays
> the link to the PDF file that it has created.
> This is exactly what I want to do, so if anyone has any idea how it is
> done I would be greatful.
> I'm not asking how to get the TIFF files of create the PDF etc, that is
> grand, just how it updates the screen with its progress like that...

It seems that they just fetch the tiff and then write "Fetched 
%i<br/>\n" into the page.

The important thing then is to flush the stdout, so that the data is 
actually transmitted over the network. And I guess you have to provide a 
header that accounts for the number of bytes you want to write (the 
total bytes of the html-page that is), by specifying something equals or 
maybe greater than the overall page.



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