New website ?

Tim Parkin tim at
Wed Jan 18 07:44:31 EST 2006

Tim N. van der Leeuw wrote:
> Steve,
> My apologies if this apppeared to be 'slagging'. I was trying to give
> some feedback but I do realize that I don't have anything better to
> offer yet to replace the pictures I dislike.
> Perhaps I should have withheld my criticisms until I could offer an
> alternative. (Still thinking about what could be there instead of those
> 3 pictures. But I'd like there to be some actual real Python content,
> or links to events from the Python Events Calender; or perhaps links to
> large python projects like Zope -- something that links to the major
> parts of Python. Perhaps 1 picture that links to Python Web Development
> including things like Zope, Django, etc; another picture that links to
> a page giving overview of major IDEs for Python; and 3d picture that
> links to page with Python Event calender... Something along those
> lines. But I don't have any graphics for you.)

That sounds fine.. I think having a link to a high profile user of
python would be very useful though. I agree the XP link is a bit shite.
Hopefully we'd get the photos and links to success
stories/events/software changing every now and again..

how about

1) High profile user of Python
2) Link to upcoming python event
3) Link to web development uses of python

the only problem is

1) people will argue over which user of python to put up
2) This will probably just be pycon and europython.. which is no bad
thing.. until we get more than two conferences at similar times.. which
one should we show?
3) python isn't just about web development..

Suffice it to say we'll have some content and the example images will
change every now and again.

btw do you have a problem with using nasa or astrazeneca as example high
profile users?


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