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>> As far as I'm concerned, the definitive work in this area is Meyer's
>> "Object Oriented Software Construction". He covers pretty much all the
>> uses of OO language features, using a language that was designed
>> specifically to support those uses.
> Bjarne Stroustrup recommends it, but notes "Tends to confuse Eiffel with
> universal principles."

He does tend to write like the Eiffel way of doing OO is the only
valid way of doing OO.

>> Be warned that after reading it,
>> you're liable to come back to Python and wonder "Why doesn't Python do
>> X".
> Meyer is too much of a fundamentalist for me, so much of the book just
> pisses me off. I expect that many Python programmers would feel the same
> way, Python being the way it is.

I should note that "Python isn't Eiffel" is often a good answer to the
questions "Why doesn't Python do X" that arise from that book. The
design goals of Eiffel are different from the design goals of
Python. I like the design goals of both languages, so I like both

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