Having Trouble with Scoping Rules

Michael Spencer mahs at telcopartners.com
Mon Jan 30 22:12:10 EST 2006

Charles Krug wrote:
> List:
> # expensive Object Module
> _expensiveObject = None
> def ExpensiveObject():
>     if not(_expensiveObject):
>         _expensiveObject = "A VERY Expensive object"
>     return _expensiveObject
> I obviously missed some part of the scoping rules.
> What's the correct way to do this?
> Thanx
> Charles
As the traceback says:

 > UnboundLocalError: local variable '_expensiveObject' referenced before

By assigning to _expensiveObject in the function you make _expensiveObject a 
local identifier (no matter which code path is followed).  The easiest 'fix' for 
your code is to insert a global statement:

_expensiveObject = None
def ExpensiveObject():
     global _expensiveObject # Without this, _expensiveObject is local
                             # because of the assignment below
     if not(_expensiveObject):
         _expensiveObject = "A VERY Expensive object"

     return _expensiveObject

[See: http://docs.python.org/ref/naming.html for more details]

But there is likely to be a more elegant solution, depending on what your real 
code looks like.



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