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Terry Hancock wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Jan 2006 13:44:19 -0800
> Scott David Daniels <scott.daniels at> wrote:
>> Paragraph 3 in "Why Python":
>> and later in that paragraph, I'd change:
>>      ... extensions that provide compact numerical
>>      solutions
>> to:
>>      ... extensions that provide compact high-speed
>>      numerical solutions
> And while we're at it, let's say "Python is a language for
> programming high-speed, digital, electronic computers. Do
> you have any experience with high-speed, digital, electronic
> computers?"

The reason I included high-speed is that the paragraph is
responding to its topic sentence:

     Some people (s)uppose because Python is an interpreted language
     that it is slow and unsuitable for scientific and engineering tasks.
     ... Python's easy extensibility has allowed ... extensions that
     provide compact numerical solutions.

I am simply saying that "compact numerical solutions" doesn't really
address the question of whether they are too slow.

 > For those who are too young, or weren't film students, the
 > answer is "Yes, my aunt has one".
Well, I am definitely not too young, but I was never a film student.
What movie?

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