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Tim Parkin tim at
Thu Jan 12 04:55:31 EST 2006

Fuzzyman wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
>>Fuzzyman wrote:
>>>Now that is a very cool site.
>>>I'm not very good with HTML - but can write content... I might see if
>>>there is something I can do.
>>>All the best,
>>>(and yes I do get referrals from these links...)
>>Please note that one major rationale behind the new design is precisely
>>becuase relatively few people *are* "good with HTML". Consequently Tim
>>Parkin, the principal designer of the new architecture, has gone to
>>great lengths to design a scheme that allows most of the authoring to be
>>done in REstructured Text.
>>It's quite an legenat design, and if all you want to do is edit content
>>rather than change layout it's *very* easy to use. Climb aboard!
> Seriously though... I've downloaded the whole shooting match. It's not
> *obvious* from trac what needs doing or who's working on what (although
> I have yet to trawl through the SVN checkout).
> I'd hate to start working on something, only to discover someone else
> was already doing it...
> All the best,
> Fuzzyman
Hi Fuzzyman,

Thanks for the feedback and volunteering to contribue... The list of
already built sections is not really up to date but I have added a few
tickets to the trac on some sections of content that need working on. If
you want to add a comment to one of these or assign yourself to a ticket
please help yourself. I'm on hand most of the time to help with teething
problems etc. Also, has been configured to rebuild
itself once content has been checked in. If you haven't got an svn
account and want to contribute, you can send it to me and I'll add it
for your.


Tim Parkin

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