Server side newbie

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jan 30 05:53:28 EST 2006

jimlewis at writes:
> Someone should invent a way to automate all this. My python app fully
> describes the UI and behaviour so it seems possible. Or at least the
> sites should learn how to write to a broader audience so they can be
> understood by newbies. Here's hoping for an easier future

There has been some discussion about settling on a standard web
framework to include in the standard Python distro.  That will make
things easier.  However, right now, things are not in a settled enough
technical state to make such a move.

You might look at PHP, which has an built-in html template system and
generally more complete web server integration than Python currently
has.  Some people write PHP front ends for Python apps, communicating
through XML or some other method.  You will have to learn some basic
HTML no matter what.  Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing is an
old but maybe still worthwhile book on how server side web programming
(specifically database backed site development) works.  Full text online:

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