Try Python update

Xavier Morel xavier.morel at
Tue Jan 3 15:09:49 EST 2006

Mike Meyer wrote:
> After spending time I should have been sleeping working on it, the try
> python site is much more functional. It now allows statements,
> including multi-line statements and expressions. You can't create code
> objects yet, so it's still more a programmable calculator than
> anything real.
> I've got some of the tutorial text (literally) up as well. I hope to
> make it easier to read the tutorial and interact with python at the
> same time in the near future.
> The url is Reports of
> problems would appreciated.
> If you want to try an online P{ython tool that lets you save code, try
> Devan L's at
>       <mike

Mike, may I ask whether that box has been secured? And if yes how?

Since Python doesn't have any way to secure the interface built-in, i'd 
be interrested in that.

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