MVC in wxPython HELP!

Scott David Daniels scott.daniels at
Wed Jan 11 12:47:33 EST 2006

meonimarco at wrote:
> Hi to all.
> I woud implement MVC with wxPython. Is it possible? Is there anyone
> that have experience in this?
> The only correct example according to Observer Pattern that i  found on
> web is not the formal implementation of MVC (is Document/View) and is
> implemented with gtk...
> How can i translate this gtk example in wx?
> Does exist a tutorial, a archive of example or anything about MVC in
> wx?
> Thanks all!
> Sorry for my "italian" english!
> The gtk example that i talk about in my previous message is here:
Can I just suggest you search in Google Groups for the message by
"has" labelled "Re: MVC programming with python (newbie) - please help".
Dated: 7 Jan 2006 07:03:04 -0800.  It is one of the nicest short
descriptions of the MVC pattern and why it works.

The link I have is huge, but:

I've inserted returns at two points in the url directly after slashes,
drop tose returns and the associated spaces.

--Scott David Daniels
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