Is 'everything' a refrence or isn't it?

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Sat Jan 7 14:40:42 EST 2006

On Sat, 07 Jan 2006 01:29:46 -0500
Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote:
> From what I can tell, Liskov proposed *three* different
> names for
> passing references to objects: call-by-sharing,
> call-by-object, and call-by-object-reference.

"Call by object reference" makes the most sense to me. Names
in Python are object references: they refer to objects.  You
might almost say "call by name" but that sort of implies
that you are passing the strings around (which is generally
untrue), and it doesn't convey what happens when the name is
something complex like "ham['spam'][0].eggs()[42]" (i.e.
"name" carries the conotation of being a simple string,
although you could argue that it doesn't have to mean that).

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