Tkinter PhotoImage won't show ;-(

vm at
Sun Jan 29 11:19:02 EST 2006

please help!

I can't find anything wrong (except the result ofc ;-)


picfile = 'logo.gif'

pic = tk.PhotoImage(file=picfile, master=root)

canpic = cv.create_image(320, 240, image=pic)         #cv is is a Tkinter 
Canvas ofc just fine, but when I put it in the event binding function, it 
doesn't work,

it doesn't report any errors too, I'm sure the function went all the way 

because I print the test-text at the end of the function... But it doesn't 
show picture!

here's the entire program I wrote to test this out:


import Tkinter as tk, os

root = tk.Tk()

root.title = 'Picviewer'

###setting Listbox, Canvas

lb = tk.Listbox(root,width =20, height=22)

lb.grid(column=0, row=0, columnspan = 2)

cv = tk.Canvas(root, width=640, height=480, bg='white')

cv.grid(column=2,row=0, rowspan=2)

###listing all .gifs in current working directory into the Listbox lb

cwd = os.getcwd()

filelista = os.listdir(cwd)


for element in filelista:

      if os.path.isfile(element) and '.gif' in element.lower(): lb.insert( 
lb.size() ,element)

###Load-button bind function (showing picture) - the problem seems to be in 
here somewhere I think

def putpic(event):

      picfile = lb.selection_get()

      pic = tk.PhotoImage(file=picfile, master=root)

      canpic = cv.create_image(320, 240, image=pic)

      ###just to see what's going on

      print str(picfile), "\n", str(pic), '\n', str(canpic)

###setting Load-button

load = tk.Button(root, text='Load', width=16)

load.bind('<Button-1>', putpic)

load.grid(column=0, row=2, columnspan=2)

###Putting the logo image at start (more like test image at start - and it 

pic = tk.PhotoImage(file='logo.gif', master=root)

canpic = cv.create_image(320, 240, image=pic)



Maybe I just need a fresh pair of eyes, SOMEONE!

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