How can I determine an HTTPMessage ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 11 18:17:57 EST 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>>Steve Holden wrote:
>>>>Can you tell me what to look for in an HTTPMessage that is an error?  I
>>>>have looked at the header objects and I cannot determine an error
>>>I was thinking of a number between one and a thousand, and I forgot it.
>>>Could someone please remind me what it was?
> Thanks. This is *such* a helpful group. I'll write it down this time.

Anticipating the next such incident, I borrowed the time machine and put 
the answer on a web site for you for when you know the question:

No need to thank me now either -- I bumped into you while I was there 
and you have will-been thanked me then.  (I also bought you a beer, so 
now you owe me one.)


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