[OT] How can I change Debian's default Python version?

Ganesan Rajagopal rganesan at myrealbox.com
Wed Jan 4 05:27:40 EST 2006

>>>>> Franz GEIGER <fgeiger at datec.at> writes:

> Now, when I install Python packages using the convenient Synaptic Package
> Manager, everything goes into the 2.3-directory-tree. How can I change
> that?

That's because synaptic installs packages compiled for the default debian
python. You have two alternatives:

1. Compile the python packages manually.
2. Debian already has python 2.4. Install python2.4 using synaptic. Also
   install any required python2.4-* packages. You will need a symlink to
   make sure you get python2.4 by default.



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