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Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Jan 8 21:49:50 EST 2006

Bengt Richter wrote:
> "Atomic" means trademarked by a company that used to use that name in the 50's
> to describe and identify a line toys it put in its breakfast cereal boxes.
> The rights are now owned by an IP scavenging company which is trying to sell
> them for stock in another IP scavenger with more money left, so be careful.
> There's also some related talk of a patent on a method of using semiotic elements
> in association with the distribution of digital generic products to make them
> distinguishable for any business purpose whatever. IP principles established with
> corn flakes and decoder rings are thought to translate perfectly to the digital
> domain of FOSS distros including anything toy-like.

And, thus, the origin of an area where I often work with Python:

   cereal communications...

(to tastefully blend the "spelling errors" thread with this one ;-) )


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