Productivity and Quality of IDE

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Mon Jan 2 09:45:25 EST 2006

In todays posting
   "Any wing2.0 users here?"
I found in the sentence
   "What can you say about this IDE? He say's 'if I think it could 
improve my productivity he's willing to buy it for me."

the indirect question:

Can a better Python IDE increase programmers productivity?

 From my experience as (part-time) programmer I would tell, that the 
actual productivity depends heavily on so many other things, that it 
makes the IDE the last one in the chain of factors behind productivity.

What is your opinion?

Does the answer differ when coming from a programming team manager or 
from a programmer himself?

If you are a Python software house manager, would you buy me the WingIDE 
(a single OS license for Wing IDE Pro is $179 and a dual OS license is 
$295) if I were working for you as a Python programmer or would you 
point me to freeware solutions instead? Or would you expect me to buy it 
myself as I should be interested to increase my productivity myself?

What IDE do the professional Python programmer teams behind Python 
Software Foundation use?

And the most interesting question:

   Which Python programming environment uses Guido van Rossum ???


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