Who is www.python.org for? (was Re: New Python.org website ?)

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>Agreed.  The main page should be like a slick book cover.  It should grab
>you and leave you wanting more.  I think the beta page does that pretty
>  [...]
>Of course, I'm a minimalist.  I understand techy types want the details,
>but I don't doubt the details will be no more than two clicks away.

Which sort of gets to the heart of the argument: who is www.python.org

I suggested one alternative a long time ago, but we never had the
bandwidth to do the necessary refactor:

The idea is that we make www.python.org even more minimal than the
current beta.python.org; it becomes a portal similar in simplicity to
google.com (with a bit more explanation).  It would lead off to
subdomains such as business.python.org, tech.python.org, help.python.org,
and so on.  That would make it easy for people to bookmark a specific
section that was appropriate for their needs.

If we can't do that, I think we should overall slant the focus toward the
primary users of python.org: people wanting to learn Python and people
doing real work in using Python.  (I have mostly been keeping my mouth
shut during this discussion because I'm one of the webmaster at python.org
team and therefore should be contibuting labor to make this happen -- but
I haven't had the bandwidth.)
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