Calling GPL code from a Python application

Paul Rubin http
Tue Jan 3 20:23:03 EST 2006

Michel Sanner <sanner at> writes:
> A google search about GPL and dynamic linking came up with an equal
> number of pages saying that dynamic linking of GPL
> code into non GPL applications is allowed as it is the end user who
> cretes the derived work, as pages saying the opposite ! So does anyone
> know what to do about this ?

According to the FSF, it is not permitted under the GPL.  Some other
users have a differing opinion.  The actual legality may eventually
have to be decided by a court; right now no such decision exists.

Of course, in the case where the GPL'd code's author is ok with what's
being done, it's fine either way (i.e. at worst, the author's
permission exists separately from the permissions granted by the GPL).
In the other case, you're asking to what extent it's legal for the
non-GPL author (typically a proprietary code developer) to thwart the
wishes of the GPL'd code's author and do things not in the GPL spirit.
Since proprietary code developers generally use the copyright system
to avoid having their own wishes thwarted, they're not entitled to
very much sympathy in their desires to construe the GPL to thwart the
wishes of other authors.  It's preferable to ask what the GPL spirit
is and act that way, than to aggressively probe its exact legal

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