Python Desktop Framework?

daftspaniel at daftspaniel at
Fri Jan 13 19:06:56 CET 2006

Is there or should there be a Python Desktop Framework? It would be
great to have something like Turbogears for desktop apps.

I blogged a fews days ago about a Python Desktop Framework or (dare I
say it) Wizard:

   1. Quick to build an application - Minimal Input e.g. App Name and
   2. Choice of GUI - TCL, WX, .Net WinForms, Wax etc
   3. Load/Save of Config - Native storage all worked out e.g home for
Unix, D and S for Windows
   4. Template Help File
   5. Standard Menus e.g File Help
   6. Dynamic Options Dlg based on Config file
   7. Py2exe etc native compilation script
   8. Installer script e.g Inno, Wix, Egg
   9. Basic Unit Tests
  10. GUI Tests e.g AutoIT

Today I was thinking about actually putting this together. Any

Davy Mitchell

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