Why keep identity-based equality comparison?

Paul Rubin http
Thu Jan 12 06:13:34 EST 2006

Antoon Pardon <apardon at forel.vub.ac.be> writes:
> The bisect module doesn't have an alternate comparison function
> neither has the heapqueue module.

They could be extended.  Care to enter a feature request?

> 1) Python could provide a seperare total ordering, maybe with operators
>    like '<|' and '|>' and function operator.rank (with functionlity
>    similar to cmp)

Based on experience that I'm sure you understand, anything like that
is going to be awfully hard to sell.

> 3) Python could provide the possibility of providing an alternate
>    comparison function with heapqueue, bisect and similar modules.

That's probably the best bet.

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