Carl Banks invalidemail at
Thu Jan 26 19:24:25 EST 2006

Roel Schroeven wrote:
> Steve Holden schreef:
> > How does
> >
> >
> >
> > look?
> I think it's OK, apart from the fact that the font size of the text
> overrides my browser's default. It looks and reads much better without
> the font-size: 75%.

I'll second this.  Normally I keep my web browser at a narrow width to
try to keep lines from being too long, but the lines here are a little
too long even with a narrow window.

(In fact, on my sites, I typically use a style such as this: TD {
width: 30em; } to keep the text narrow.  But I don't recommend that for
this site because some people want wide text to fit more on the screen,
aesthetic though it be not.)

Other than that, it looks great.  I don't think it looks like a
corporate site; it's actually readable and usable.  It cuts down on the
sensory overload from the previous site.  And, it passes the no-style
litmus test (i.e.,whether you can still read and understand the site
with the style sheets disabled.)

Carl Banks

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