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Tim Parkin tim at
Wed Jan 18 14:20:52 CET 2006

Leeuw van der, Tim wrote:

>I think that in general, I don't like the fact that links to
>high-profile users are featured so prominently. That row of pictures
>there looks good to me 'as such' but linking there to 'success stories'
>feels, dunno, perhaps a bit cheesy to me. (That might be just my dutch
>I would certainly want to see such links somewhere on the front page,
>just not so prominently.
Possibly so... however in my experience, selling python to people is
made a lot easier by being able to say 'look these guys are using it'.
This may not help sell it to programmers, but as a businessman trying to
sell my programming services, it's exceptionally important.

>>btw do you have a problem with using nasa or astrazeneca as example
>>profile users?
>As I said, I don't like them. We're not a commercial company trying to
>promote itself to potential buyers. But that's too a large degree a
>matter of taste.
Well I'd have to disagree with yout on one point.. 'We' may not
be a commercial company (when you talk about python as a singular unit)
but as python developers, we should be in the process of trying to
'sell' python wherever we can. Because we aren't a commercial company,
our only 'sales' channels are the website and the developers/consultants
that use python. (I'm talking about selling in the terms of 'promoting'
or trying to persuade someone that using python is a good thing).

>I do actually think, though, that if the Python website *is* going to
>feature such big names with such prominence, some sort of approval from
>these organizations should be requested? That they don't mind being used
>a a Python reference story?
The approval is already there (see pythonology success stories).

>About what could be there... Link to the even calender, or
>recent/upcoming event.. That is one to stay, I think.
>I think it would be good to have a link there too development
>environments that can be used for Python: editors, debuggers, IDEs / IDE
>extenstions, etc
It's difficult to summarise this in a single image. The XP image was
intended as a 'catch all' for the development environment. A different
image and title would probably achieve better results but coming up with
one or two words to sumarise that list is quite difficult.

>A third item could perhaps be a link to the Python Package Index --
>another thing that Python developers are likely to need.
The home page isn't intended to target existing python users.. and the
home page photos are mostly targetted at the sort of people that respond
well to photos. It's a dilemma that the home page has to serve two
masters, however if we have a 'developer home page' which can be
dedicated to development issues, news, planetpython links, package
libraries etc, we would have a single page that developers could bookmark.

The only alternative was to create a separate 'marketing python' website
but it would just get ignored, especially by the people we really need
to see the 'marketing' content.

>These things are, of course, rather developer-centered (well,
>Python-user centered...)
>Being a software developer that uses Python, I wouldn't really know what
>else to put there ;-)
>But many people might have other things they wish to put in the centre
>of atte

Thats probably why a dedicated page for developers would make more sense.


p.s. thanks for the comments btw..

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