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On 22 Jan 2006 20:35:17 -0800, Ian Bicking <ianb at> wrote:
> understandably slow release schedule of Python itself.  I think the
> standard library is only appropriate for solved problems, where the
> area is well understood.  Just look at how much time it took to get
> decimal and datetime in, both of which cover *very* well understood
> areas.
That's one of the reasons that I suggested earlier for a "bare gui core"
(BGC)-- a core that only deals with all the common features a gui should
have, like positions, sizes, color, font, event ... just a frame for how
these elements connect to the objects internally, but didn't deal with the
real style/event rendering. This core should be designed in a way that they
can be easily wrapped or connected to some major gui packages that deal with
the real painting, sizing ... stuff.

Therefore, a current python gui programming flow:

   python --> gui package(s)   #  "belief" wars fighting among packages
                                           #   if one of them would be
chosen as py lib

would become:

   python --> bare core  --> gui package(s)

Since this core also provides mechnisms to channel to popular gui packages:

   core.toGui( 'html' )
   core.toGui( 'wxPython' )
   core.toGui( 'webware' )

So, users don't have to worry about learning a whole bunch of different
packages, yet they have all the convinience of using any packages of their
choice. This would also make the comparison of packages much easier ---
write one set of code, test which packages fit you best.

And, this BGC doesn't have to wait until the concept mature. The concept of
gui on desktop has already pretty much matured. This BGC can take the
advantage of desktop gui and grow with web gui.

Another "might-be-very-useful" of BGC is that: if any package provides a
"reversed toGui" that converts the package-specific code back to BGC, then
users can take, for example, a wxpython code, convert to html page in one
step. For the package developers, if this 'to html' is what they have in
mind, now they only have to worry about converting their code to
BGC, but not all those html-specific details.

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