Problem with odbc (pywin32) and unicode

Frank Millman frank at
Sun Jan 29 06:52:11 CET 2006

Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> > Unicode is one of those grey areas that I know I will have to try to
> > understand one day, but I am putting off that day as long as possible!
> I suggest you better start right away instead of stumbling over it all the
> time. The most problems in that field don't come from the inherent
> complexity of the matter itself, but form the profound lack of
> understanding of developers thereof - worldwide, btw. You are not alone, as
> Mr. Jackson sang...

In other words, that day has arrived. I will roll my sleeves up and get
stuck into the docs.

> >
> > When you say it causes trouble internally, do you mean internal to the
> > odbc module? Is it something that should be reported as a bug?
> Not sure, but I guess: yes.
> > What should I do in the meantime? Make encode("utf-8") a permanent
> > feature of my program?
> You should do it in a way that allows you to either pass the encoding
> explicitly, or make it some sort of configurable thing, in the same spot
> where you configure your connection settings, as these two are related.
> Diez

Many thanks for your help, Diez - I will take it from here.


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