Creating a more random int?

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Wed Jan 25 16:42:58 CET 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 15:21:43 -0000 in comp.lang.python, Grant Edwards
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>On 2006-01-25, Magnus Lycka <lycka at> wrote:
>> P.S. Since I was a kid, I've heard people say: So you're born
>> on new years day--how unusual.
>Well, it happens to slightly less than 1/365th of the
>population[1], so it is rather unusual.  Of course it's no more
>unusal that being born on June 19th or November 3rd or any
>other date you choose...
>[1] Assuming birth dates are uniformly distributed.  Which the
>    probably aren't in countries where a significant portion of
>    the population schedules births to fit the hospital/doctors
>    schedule.

Google "birthday paradox" for a little OT fun.


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