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Mike Meyer mwm at
Tue Jan 3 16:39:53 EST 2006

"aurora00 at" <aurora00 at> writes:
> Very nice :)
> I found this online Ruby tutorial:

That's what inspired me to create my version.

> I think it would be cool to have something similar for Python. Want to
> go further and make a nice tutorial to accompany this :) 

Well, *I* like the tutorial. I've already started steal,
uh, using, material from it. I intend to include more as time goes

One thing that annoyed me about the tryruby version is that it changed
the text - apparently arbitrarily - with each expression. I *detest*
UI's that change things when they want to (I regularly close dialogs
accidently on OSX because they come up while I'm working in *some
other application* and steal the focus from me). I'm not going to do
that; that's why I list all the sections, and you can display (or not)
by clicking on them. I'm planning on adding a "suggested reading" link
(it's already there if you know where to look, but always does the
same thing :-) under the console that will do what the ruby thing
does, except when the user asks for it, not when I think it should

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