copying a file from windows file system to ext2 and ext3

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Wed Jan 11 01:08:39 CET 2006

muttu2244 at wrote:
> hi all
> could anybody please tell me how can i copy a file from windows file
> systems like FAT12, FAT16,FAT32 and NTFS to EXT2, and EXT3.
> Is their any function in python that we can do the above
> Thanks in advance
> Yogi
I suspect that you are going to need to supply more information to
get a good answer.

1) Which platform is the python program running on Windows/Linux?

2) If Linux, how is the FAT (or NTFS) partition mounted (smbclient)?

3) If Windows, you can ftp the file to the Linux partition (see Python
ftplib) or use SAMBA to expose a share to the Windows machine and just
copy the file (with or without Python).


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