(Different) Try Python Update

Devan L devlai at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 01:14:40 EST 2006

It's been a while since I've done anything, and I have finals, so if
anyone wants to look at some of the source, here's the somewhat cleaned
up source for bastille and modjelly. Bastille is just a
sort-of-more-secure equivalent of what the code module is, in case you
have no clue what it does since I haven't really mentioned it.

Bastille: <http://www.datamech.com/devan/bastille.py.txt>
Modjelly: <http://www.datamech.com/devan/modjelly.py.txt>

On a side note, I just realized that due to some bug, any function
definition after the first function is defined simply binds the name to
the first one, which is a very bad thing! So if you can find anything
related to this in the source, send me an email.

Oh, right, and in case you have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm
trying to replicate an interactive session online. My Try Python is at
<http://www.datamech.com/devan/trypython/trypython.py> and Mike Meyer's
cooler one is at <http://www.mired.org/home/mwm/try_python/>.

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