Web application design question (long)

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jan 16 20:29:24 EST 2006

"Fried Egg" <webb.sprague at gmail.com> writes:
> (1)  Has anybody done something general enough for me to use?

It's sounds like you're writing a glorified version of Emacs's
"Dissociated Press" command.  DP used a simpler algorithm but the
results were about the same.

> (3) Would anybody else be interested in working on it if it were
> general enough to meet their needs too?

Dissociated Press is a cute hack but I don't think there were ever any
"needs" that it could meet.

> (4) Do I sound like a crazy person?  Sorry to post such a long thing to
> a newsgroup I am not a regular on, but I am a little desperate :)

It's a little bit strange to post what's advertised as a web app
question and then go on at such length about a linguistics hack.

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