build curiosities of svn head (on WinXP)

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Thu Jan 5 18:03:22 EST 2006

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 13:23:34 +0100, David Murmann
<david.murmann at> wrote:

>hi all!
>i just built revision 41809 under winxp using a rather uncommon
>setup (at least i think so). since i have no visual studio here,
>i only used freely available tools: cygwin to get the source, the
>microsoft compiler/linker and NAnt ( as the build tool
>to interpret the .vcproj-files (which may be the uncommon part).

This is phenomenally cool!

>btw, if anyone is interested in the (rather small) build-script for
>nant, just ask,

I haven't seen anyone ask, so can I? I'd love to see the build script.

Actually, beyond the script, what tool setup is needed? I have various
bits of stuff (MS Visual C++ toolkit 2003, platform SDK, Visual Studio
8, VS .NET 2003). I found a few oddities, such as problems finding a
usable msvcrt.lib (should it not have been using msvcr71.lib?) and
issues generating pythonnt_rc.h.

I sort-of got it working, and I was using a fairly old version of the
sources (it was just a quick hack, to see if I could work out what I
needed as a build script) but it would be nice to see the actual
toolset listed out.

A good place to put this information would be on the Python Wiki. I'll
put something there if I can pull together the relevant information.


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