Microsoft IronPython?

Max M maxm at
Fri Jan 6 09:52:03 CET 2006

EP wrote:
> Luis M. González wrote:
>> Will Microsoft hurt Python?
> I think it is naive to ignore the fact that Microsoft could hurt Python, 
> though there may be nothing anyone can do.
>> How?
> - create a more prevalent version of "Python" that is less Pythonic or 
> undermines some of the principles of the language, basically usurping 

First of they would need to make Python a strategic platform for 
corporations, so that it was used practically everywhere on Windows.

Then it would have the powerbase to change the lanuage and make an 
incompatible version that they could control.

As far as I can see C## has that role for them. So I don't see how 
Python should be in any danger.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
IT's Mad Science

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