Possible memory leak?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Tue Jan 24 17:09:02 EST 2006

Tuvas wrote:

> I have a function in a program that works something like this.
> def load_pic_data(width,heigth,inpdat, filt=TRUE):
>         data=''
>         total=0
>         tnum=0
>         size=100
>         for y in range(0,heigth):
>                 row=''
>                 for x in range(0,width):
>                         index=2*(x+y*width)
>                         num=ord(inpdat[index+1])*256+ord(inpdat[index])
>                         if(vfilter.get() and d_filter and filt):
>                                 num=round((num-(d_filter[index/2])))
>                         if(num<0):
>                                 num=0
>                         if(num>255*64):
>                                 num=255*64
>                         row=row+chr(num/64)
>                 data=data+row
> The purpose of this part of a program is to take a 14 bit numerical
> representation and convert it to an 8 bit representation. This will
> later be displayed as an image. However, I've noticed the following
> about this code. I was noticing when I took a small picture, it went
> really fast, but a larger picture took forever to run through. I added
> a print statement to the y portion of the code to see where it was
> getting hung up. I noticed that it appears to be running slower as time
> goes on.

hint: what does

>                         row=row+chr(num/64)

do, and how often is it executed ?


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