Arithmetic sequences in Python

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Wed Jan 18 12:01:20 EST 2006

Alex Martelli wrote:
> Tom Anderson <twic at> wrote:
>> Sounds good. More generally, i'd be more than happy to get rid of list
>> comprehensions, letting people use list(genexp) instead. That would 
>> obviously be a Py3k thing, though.
> I fully agree, but the BDFL has already (tentatively, I hope) Pronounced
> that the [...] form will stay in Py3K as syntax sugar for list(...).

Do you have a link for that?  I hadn't seen the pronouncement, and still lists that as an open issue.

 > I find that to be a truly hateful prospect

I'm not sure I find it truly hateful, but definitely unnecessary. 
TOOWTDI and all...


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