Real-world use cases for map's None fill-in feature?

Raymond Hettinger python at
Thu Jan 12 22:58:40 EST 2006

> I've counted 63 cases of ``map(None, ...`` in my company's code base.
> You're probably right that most of them could/should use zip() instead;
> I see at least a few cases of
>     map(None, field_names, values)
> but it's not clear what the expectation is for the size of the two lists.
> (None of the uses were created by me -- I abhor map(). ;-)

Thanks for the additional datapoint.  I'm most interested in the code
surrounding the few cases with multiple inputs and whether the code is
designed around equal or unequal length inputs.  The existence of the
latter is good news for the proposal.  Its absence would be a
contra-indication.  If you get a chance, please look at those few
multi-input cases.



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