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Tim Golden tim.golden at
Wed Jan 18 09:55:11 CET 2006

[Shalabh Chaturvedi]

| Hm. Am I the only one not particularly impressed? Sure the
| front page is
| 'slick' but a few clicks reveal a fairly shallow facade of marketing
| material, with no real content. In general gives the impression of
| 'phony' company trying to make a big impression. Most good non-tech
| managers are very wary of such organizations/companies.

[... snip similar stuff highlighting the relative
lightweightness of the content ...]

Ummm. I might have missed the point, and certainly what I'm about
to say is based on no more than my reading between the lines of
Steve's original announcement, but... I see the current beta
site as a layout/display/look-and-feel beta, *not* a content
beta, at least no more than is absolutely necessary to support
the look-and-feel.

Now I might be wrong, in which case your comments are pretty
much justified. But it looks to me as though most of the
content was banged in a year or so ago (or more, maybe) to
give a this-kind-of-blurb feel, some or all of which would
be replaced with current and agreed blurb before the thing
went live.

You might argue that the beta shouldn't have been unveiled
without suitable text etc. But I would say: well done to
the people who've made the effort and put the beta
together. It's been mentioned that the whole thing is
downloadable and open to contributions, so maybe that's
the way forward for you: make or implement your suggestions
and send them back to the maintainers.


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