Decoupling the version of the file from the name of the module.

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Jan 29 03:34:04 CET 2006

Roy Smith wrote:
> bobueland at wrote:
>>Now suppose I have make a new version with __version__ = 1.1. What
>>shall I call this file and (I don't want to overwrite the old file if I
>>need to go back to it)?
> Stop everything right now and get yourself some kind of version control 
> system.  CVS ( is a 
> popular one.  Subversion ( is a bit newer, 
> and quickly gaining is popularity.  

Listen to Roy.  Get a source code control system.  Use any one you want, 
provided that if your choice is between CVS and Subversion, you use 
Subversion. ;-)


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