Python vs C for a mail server

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Sun Jan 29 15:00:30 EST 2006

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abhinav <abhinavduggal at> wrote:
>ya its supposed to be some stupid 6 month project which my friend has
>to do.I am just helping him out.he may not be implementing a full
>fledged rfc compliance mail server but may support some of the major
> basically its an extra ordinary need.I just wanted
>to know which language would be better for implementation and has
>faster development cycle.I have heard a lot about python and its ease
>of use.My point is it should be worth a 6 month project and speedy
>development since he is already proficient in C/C++ socket programming
>and taking the pain of learning python should be worth the effort.

In that case, you'll come closer to having a working mail server in
Python. I just hope that it's understood you won't have a mail server
which is ready to be used on the Internet for any but very limited

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