XML + Elementree + (ZODB or Durus) experiments?

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Mon Jan 23 14:14:20 EST 2006

A year or so ago, there was a posting - I believe on someone's blog - 
which told of a unique experiment.  The experimenter tried loading and 
searching a large XML document based on three strategies:

1. (I think) elementree directly
2. Store entire XML document in ZODB (or Durus, can't remember)
3. Subclass Elementree.Element, store each XML node separately in the 

The experimenter then did timings on opening up and using the XML 
documents in each of these three ways.

Does anybody remember that post?  Does any body have a link, code, 
cache, anything?

Please reply to the list, as the email address is invalid.


E. List

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