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Steve Holden steve at
Wed Jan 18 09:13:25 CET 2006

Obaid R. wrote:
> Bugs wrote:
>>I thought I read here that a new website design was in the works for
>> in time for the new year?  Is that still true and of so,
>>anyone know what is it's status?
> I googled around and found no background on how the new Python logo
> came to be selected. Does any one know why or how the logo shown in the
> upper left corner of the site was choosen? Which other
> logos were rejected? Is there a particular reason why it is shaped like
> a cross?
> Thanks
The history of this choice is lost in the mists of time. Many other 
proposals were made and discussed at around the same time, to the extent 
that it became clear no one choice could win universal approval.

You are the first person to my knowledge to point out that it is shaped 
like a cross. There is no significance in this shape.

Is there, I ask with some trepidation, a specific point to this question?

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