Returning a value from code string

Max rabkin at mweb[DOT]co[DOT]za
Sat Jan 28 08:35:26 EST 2006

Kirk McDonald wrote:
> Another kind of node (I'm still deciding
> whether to call them Codenodes or Opcodes or maybe Pynodes) is a chunk
> of code that can be asked to run itself, and which can be edited, on the 
> fly, from within the website. Thus, one can both alter the functionality 
> of the site, and add functionality, from the site itself (so long as you 
> have the user permissions to do so).

As Steven said, "U R pwn3d". 1f you d0n't sp3a|< l33t (if you don't 
speak leet), that means you are screaming "hack me, use me to launch 
attacks on other computers, and than attack my computer". Unless you 
have some revolutionary ideas in code-security analysis. In which case 
you can a lot more money than from implementing Everything2 in python.

> -Kirk McDonald


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