Python String Substitution

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Thu Jan 26 20:52:36 EST 2006

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> In Python, dictionaries can have any hashable value as a string. In
> particular I can say
> d = {}
> d[(1,2)] = "Right"
> d["(1,2)"] = "Wrong"
> d["key"] = "test"
> In order to print "test" using % substitution I can say
> print "%(key)s" % d
> Is there a way to print "Right" using % substitution?
> print "%((1,2))s" % d
> gives me "Wrong". Is there any syntax which will allow me to get
> "Right" using % substitution?
One way would be to make an adapter to convert that string to a tuple:
class adapter:
    def __init__(self, dc):
       self.dc = dc
    def __getitem__(self,item):
        return self.dc[eval(item)]

Then you could use this as:
print "%((1,2))s" % adapter(d)

I wouldn't actually recommend using eval in production code, due to the 
possible security issues, but I'm sure you could replace it with some 
more/better code. This is just an idea. 

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