Microsoft IronPython?

Ray ray_usenet at
Wed Jan 4 03:05:35 CET 2006

Hi Luis,

IronPython as it is now is already slightly different from CPython
isn't it? Because it has to capture features of CLR languages that are
not in Python (such as using generic containers).

I wonder how this will branch further in the future--will CPython
expand to follow IP, or will they keep diverging further and further.

Still I'm very excited about IP--it's the best thing to happen in a
long while, especially with Jython moving so slow these days...


Luis M. González wrote:
> Ironpython has been in development from awhile, and now it's in beta
> version 1.0.
> Is it good to have Python running on every existing platform out there?
> Of course it is.
> Luis


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