Python module for the LX200 command set

RayS rays at
Mon Jan 30 12:20:09 EST 2006

Hello Dez,

Thanks for the reply - I was hoping to hear from your project.
It will be interesting to see what John Lucey is doing before I go 
too far along - I hate re-inventing the wheel.
I was wondering why the directory was simply empty.  I will try to 
email him, if I can. I suspect that he also implemented a useful 
sub-set of the protocol.

My basic idea was a comprehensive set of commands, and as many 
convenience functions as we desire - it is an exercise in 
Pythonic-ness as well, so I'd like to see design issues agreed on early.
I also am thinking of getting place and time from my PCMCIA GPS (I 
have a 10" non-GPS LX200 EMC).


At 11:47 PM 1/29/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Ray - I'm the co-ordinator of Project Galileo - great to see 
>someone else is developing code too, especially in Python.
>It might be we can do some dovetailing with what you're doing; my 
>main developer, Tm Northover, is pretty busy during term time, but 
>it might be possible to do some collaboration.  There's also the 
>possibility of some help with some undergraduates at York 
>University, too.  I'm not very familiar with Python yet, so I'm not 
>at the prductive stage yet in terms of code development.
>Finally, John Lucey at Durham university is currently updating his 
>lx200 code, which he is due to release fairly soon - I think he 
>might have removed the existing code whilst he updates it, as the 
>new code will make use of pyro in a much better manner.
>I'll try &chat with Tim in the next few days or so & see how he's 
>placed in terms of possible collaboration; I suspect that in 
>principle he would be, but as I say, his term time study often means 
>he's unable to help out.
>Best regards,

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