Shrinky-dink Python (also, non-Unicode Python build is broken)

Larry Hastings larry at
Tue Jan 17 01:43:11 EST 2006

There are exactly four non-Unicode build breakages in the Python source
tree that are Win32-specific.  Two are simply a matter of #if, two also
require new alternative code (calls to PyString_FromStringAndSize()).
All told, my changes to Win32-specific code to fix Py_USING_UNICODE
consists of exactly twelve new lines of code.

As for future development of Windows-specific Python features...
doesn't that generally happen in modules, rather than the Python
interpreter, these days?  Either in Mark Hammond's pywin32 (what used
to be called "win32all"), or perhaps done in Python using ctypes.
There haven't been any changes to the three Windows-specific modules
(msvcrt, winreg, and winsound) mentioned in any "What's New in Python
2.x" document, and 2.0 came out more than five years ago.


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