Calling DLL with several data fields in output params

Java script Dude despam2004 at
Sat Jan 28 19:27:32 CET 2006


I basically need to write a script that will make calls to a DLL and
parse the return result for API calls that consist of several data
fields in the input and output parameters.

[q1] Is ctypes the right Python library to use for this interaction.
. . . . . I know about calldll but it seems quite poorly documented.
[q2] Are there any existing windows DLLs that one could use to build
simplified test code.
. . . . . One that has several input and output parameters and playing
with it will not kill my system.
. . . . . Also, I'd rather not have to learn how to write a DLL to
build a test case.

BTY - I have not decided on the language yet but would love to do this
in Python. Although, I am considering writing in C++ (me_b_newbie) -or-
JNI (it_b_ugly) -or- Obj-C (it_b_cool). MS languages are not an option
in my book :}


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