New website ?

Tim Chase python.list at
Wed Jan 18 09:23:40 EST 2006

> At any rate, opinions will always differ.  You are always going to get 
> the people who want a cool flash-based animated site with 3D stereo 
> surround sound, and the other end of the spectrum where you will be 
> flamed if you do anything more than hand-code the html, on Unix machines 
> only, using Vim or Emacs, ensuring it has a gray or neutral beige 
> background, *and* uses the default font giving that classic 1981 
> "university professor who refuses to use anything except Netscape 
> Navigator" feel.

Hmmm...I fall into that second camp, mostly because I often do 
python coding via ssh, and it's handy to use 
lynx/links/links2/elinks/w3m (whatever happens to be available on 
the machine in question) to browse the site.

The site is easily navigated in Lynx, has the 
"search" function right up at the top (okay, link #6, when 
numbered-links are turned on, but that beats #50 down in the 
downloads section).  I can give it a whirl accessibility-wise, 
using VoiceOver and Safari when I get back to my Mac.

-tim at

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