Show content of an external page in plone.

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Tue Jan 24 06:18:02 EST 2006

I'm using plone primary as a news system for my school.
Now I want to integrate external sources into my plone site.
The page is
which shows the various courses my school offers.
This site i updated from a database. And i want to integrate it into my
plone site.
The links oni should thus not "link away" from my plone site but only
show the informationen.

I know this is possible with asp hence it is done here

where  the input from the above site is integratet into the layout of
the aaa site.

how can this be achieved with plone ? i found a page
which somehow seems to solve the problem but since I'm a new user to
systems I cannot use it, the proces stops already when it tells me to
create an
external method in the skin folder named ---- the custom
folder does not accept any external methods.

So it has to be somewhat easier

any suggestions ?


ps the page will be closed
in the end of 2006 so I have to find an alternative. I'm competing with
a company that offers asp codet pages. very expensive so i tought that
plone may be the right solution.

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